Analog Overdose

The music of Thomas Fanger & Mario Schönwälder


Fanger & Schönwälder feat. Lutz Graf-Ulbrich - Analog Overdose 5
This is the second release of Fanger & Schönwälder’s Analog Overdose series which features Lutz Graf-Ulbrich on guitar. This man is a living legend, known from bands like Agitation Free, 17 Hippies and his solo project Lüül. His subtle and unique guitar play adds a very special and personal tone to the music. Most likely Analog Overdose 5 is the most diversified album by Thomas Fanger and Mario Schönwälder so far. They mix various musical elements with ease: from post-rock, psychedelic ambient drones, hypnotic sequencer rides to krautrock and funky space disco. The over 22 minutes long track „Frankfurter Allee“ was recorded during a live session in a car driving through Berlin. It features various iPads and of course Lutz’ famous Gibson SG guitar.

Fanger & Schönwälder feat. Lutz Graf-Ulbrich - Analog Overdose 5,1

Analog Overdose 5,1 is a limited DVD-Video, comes in a metal box, only 111 numbered copies.